Our services

-Develop 3D-knitted products

   Workflow of developing

   1. Research suitable yarn for your products

   2. Suggest design for 3D-knitting

   3. Make programming-data for 3D-knitting machine

   4. Adjusting 3D-knitting machine

    Cases for 3D-knitting

  • Sweaters, groves, beanies, shoes, fashion products
  • Chairs, lampshades, furniture products
  • Blankets, rug bedding products
  • Interior of mobility, industrial products


-Create virtual sample for product planning 

Knit design variation


Yarn variation


Jacquard design variation 


Jacquard design with 3D virtual prototyping 



Jacquard colored design variation 


Jacquard colored design with 3D virtual prototyping


Gauge variation


-Training with 3D-knitting machines, knitting programming, design software 

  • Design software course
  • 3D-knitting machines operation Basic course
  • 3D-knitting Knitting programming Basic course
  • 3D-knitting Knitting programming Advanced course
  • 3D-knitting machines maintenance course