Our services

-Develop 3D-knitted products

   Workflow of developing

   1. Research suitable yarn for your products

   2. Suggest design for 3D-knitting

   3. Make programming-data for 3D-knitting machine

   4. Adjusting 3D-knitting machine

    Cases for 3D-knitting

  • Sweaters, groves, beanies, shoes, fashion products
  • Chairs, lampshades, furniture products
  • Blankets, rug bedding products
  • Interior of mobility, industrial products


-Cleaning for knitting machine.

Needlebed can be cleaned with specialised machine. Keeping needlebed clean helps to extend the needle life and stable production.

-Create virtual sample for product planning 

Knit design variation


Jacquard colored design with 3D virtual prototyping


 -Training with 3D-knitting machines, knitting programming, design software 

  • Design software course
  • 3D-knitting machines operation Basic course
  • 3D-knitting Knitting programming Basic course
  • 3D-knitting Knitting programming Advanced course
  • 3D-knitting machines maintenance course