Our projects

Ekornes is the lead partner in our 3D knit venture, with sample production on 3D knit furniture.


Ekornes - a world leader in automation with 1000 employees in Norway

The cornerstone company in Sykkylven has for the past year been working on trial production of 3D knit furniture. First out is the furniture icon Stressless with knitted cover.

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In collaboration with local Amatec and Japanese machine supplier Shima Seiki, the company's own designers and our technicians and programmers, they have explored technology that can contribute to a far more sustainable production with minimal material waste, one-piece production and a more efficient value chain.

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We will continue to be developing new products with evolutional 3D knitting technology.


Oleana - a role model for sustainable local production

One of just a few Norwegian dressmakers is located in Arna outside Bergen. The management with Gerda Sørhus Fuglerud at the forefront has a deliberate strategy. They didn't set out their production to low-cost countries, although it could have provided better margins. With new 3D technology their production is streamlined, resulting in less waste, less overproduction and local jobs sustained. Contemporary design and high quality are their hallmarks. Oleana is one of the shareholders in 3D Knitting & Technology.

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Rauma Ullvarefabrikk 

Rauma Ullvarefabrikk is another Norwegian company producing 3D knit sweaters, with many well-known Norwegian knitting patterns as the famous Marius sweater.

Established in 1972, They are known as yarn spinner. Norwegian wool which they are spinning is one of the most environmentally friendly textile fibres. Their production is realized sustainability thinking when it comes to minimizing the environmental impact throughout the life cycle of the product.

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Furniture and clothing

The apparel industry has been using the technology for several years, including shoe manufacturers such as Nike, who have come a long way with 3D knitted trainers. 

The possibilities are enormous, also for producing smart textiles for other health sectors. 

We have started collaborations with several clothing manufacturers who want to produce locally, and utilise the technology for more environmentally sound clothing production.